TVBook Prix

Customization one to one.

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A world of unlimited possibilities: surprises, impresses, gift, share...

Create your TVBook Prix and surprises with your creations of videos. We promise that it is a simple and fun experience.


TVBook Prix customizable for you, your friends, family etc.


The TVBook Prix, are the most attractive way of send and share those videobooks or special photos you don't want falling into oblivion.


The TVBook Prix, are the best way to give and share this special video with your family, partner or friends. They are like life greeting cards but with video and sound. If you have a video or photos cool that you know that your mother, a friend or your grandmother will like it see it share it in a special way!.

Orders from 1 unit.


Customizable to your business and events TVPrint and TVBook Prix


Currently, the video is the more powerful and direct format to communicate your message or your brand to customers and employees. The TVPrint are the most innovative way to deliver that message in physical format.


With TVPrint you can highlight from the products and services offered by your company to surprise your current or future clients with a different gift. With TVPrint you can customize your corporate videos or promote an event. Fits your communication needs because you decide how to count it. This model as opposed to the TVBook Prix can be ordered with different sizes of display, top, buttons, etc. Order from 100 units.



For professionals, please contact us for special promotions:

What is the TVBook Prix?

They are custom hard covers (using our online software) and laminated to landscape A5 size (216 mm x 160 mm) closed. Inside there is a 7 '' IPS screen (100 mm x 165 mm) , resolution 1024 X 600, with 7 buttons of: stop/start, fast reverse, fast forward, next video display photos, volume - and volume.

2017 New. Have a chip of 8Gb useful 7Gb (120 minutes).

It also has a rechargeable battery whose duration is 2 hours. 

How much does the TVBook Prix?

With the features of screen 7 "and 8 Gb price card is 83,49 euros (taxes included) + transport.

For professionals, please contact us for special promotions:

What can I do with a TVBook Prix?

PRESENTATION: collections of fashion, jewelry, businesses.

REPORTS: travel, cruises, of babies.

ALBUMS:wedding, communion, amateur.

BOOKS:models, photographers.

PROMOTION:films, products.

Video cards: wedding, presentation, invitations, Christmas, birthday, catalogs, brochures, presentations of companies, information on points of sales, events, Marketing, direct, Menu in restaurants, gifts etc...

For professionals, please contact us for special promotions:

How to edit my video?

You can do two things:

1) If you do not have time, or you do not know how edit it.

 At they will turn your photos and videos into spectacular movies.

All you have to do is send them your photos and videos as you have them and they already take care of the rest.

Select the best images, improve them, if necessary, choose the music, the title, etc ... unless you want to propose them.

And you can see on-line how your video or photo slideshow is going, so you can give your ok before accepting the final version.

2) On the contrary, if you have time, you win and you like to edit your videos and photos.

With your photos or videos and any video editor you have, you can make a video and put music, sounds, etc.

What editor can used?

Computer: Window Movie Maker, Pinnacle etc.

Mac: iPhoto, iVideo.

iPad y iPhone (IOS system): Pinnacle studio, iMovie, Cute Cat etc.         

Mobiles and tablets (Android system): Magistro, Wevideo, Video Editor etc.

What format must be my videos ?

AVI, MP4 o MOV.                                                                                     

Resolution: 1024x600 en 16:9 Ratio.



¿What format must be my photos?


Resolution: 1024x600 en 16:9 Ratio.

Can you make the TVBook Prix and I'll load my video?

Yes, we manufacture the TVBook Prix and you can load it through the USB cable that is included. The important thing is that you load it in formats and resolution indicated.


And if i dont know , how to transform my video in any format or with the required resolution?

In this case don't worry, send us your video by  and we will transform you without additional cost.

Payment method of my TVBook Prix?

We have two forms of payment: By credit card or tranfer.



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