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Create your TVBook Prix WOOD and surprises with your video creations. We promise that it is a simple, fun experience with top quality finishes.


TVBook Prix WOOD with the same technical characteristics as the TVBook Prix but with a more Vintage finish.


TVBook Prix WOOD is characterized because the front and back covers are integrally made of wood. It has a rustic, antique and vintage look thanks to the texture of the wood and its two finishes (Nogal or Pino).

The spine of the TVBook Prix WOOD is made of cloth with 5 different colors (ivory, black, navy blue, orange and pistachio) and that best combine with this product.
If you prefer, on the cover of the TVBook Prix WOOD, you can laser engrave one of the Designs that we select for this collection.

You can also put your logo, for this , we need your logo in JPG VECTOR format.


We have a sliding lid box in two pieces of wood, in the color and Design of the cover of the TVBook Prix WOOD.

There is also the option to record your logo.


The box is presented with wood chips giving a more rustic look.


Due to the nature of the material used in this product, the texture and characteristics of the wood can be visible especially after the application of the ink, and this remains more pronounced in the natural veins of the wood.


Share it in a special way !.

Orders from 1 unit.


How much is the TVBook Prix WOOD ?


With the features of 7 "screen and 8Gb card the price is 189,06 Euros (taxes included).


How much is the BOX for the TVBook Prix WOOD ?


The price is 75,02 Euros (taxes inclued)


For professionals, please contact us for special promotions:




Production time of a TVBook Prix WOOD?

12 business days.



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TVBook Prix
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You can aslo call: +34 673797454 +34 673797454 or +34 933003101


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