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Customization one to one.

What is the TVBook Prix LUX photo/magazine ?


They are custom hard covers and laminated to landscape A5 size (216 mm x 160 mm) closed. You can costumized inside too. Inside there is a 7 '' IPS screen (100 mm x 165 mm) , resolution 1024 X 600. The spine is 25mm and have a space to put photos or magazine.

2019 New. Have a chip of 8Gb useful 7Gb (120 minutes) and TOUCH SCREEN . It also has a rechargeable battery whose duration is 2 hours. 

How much does the TVBook Prix LUX photo/magazine ?

With the features of TOUCH screen 7 "and 8 Gb + 24 photos 15,2 X 11,2 cm (ofsset digital print 1 side in paper 300grm ) price is 209, 93 euros (taxes inclued).

With the features of TOUCH screen 7 "and 8 Gb + WITHOUT potos price is 170, 34 euros (taxes inclued).


For professionals, please contact us for special promotions:

What can I do with a TVBook Prix LUX photo/magazine?


PRESENTATION: collections of fashion, jewelry, businesses.

REPORTS: travel, cruises, of babies.

ALBUMS:wedding, communion, amateur.

BOOKS:models, photographers.

PROMOTION:films, products.

Video cards: wedding, presentation, invitations, Christmas, birthday, catalogs, brochures, presentations of companies, information on points of sales, events, Marketing, direct, Menu in restaurants, gifts etc...


Order from 1 Unit.



TVBook Prix
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08005 Barcelona



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También puede llamarnos al teléfono: +34 673797454 +34 673797454 o bien +34 933003101


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TVBook Prix
Calle Llull 27-39
08005 Barcelona





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You can aslo call: +34 673797454 +34 673797454 or +34 933003101


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